Hair straighteners are no longer intended only for those of us who have been endowed with curly hair by nature. New technologies have made these tools one of the most popular and in demand among styling specialists because of its versatility and ability to enhance the appearance of hair without damaging it.

There are many ways to choose an iron. Start with the type of your hair. Super curly hair is susceptible to static electricity and will need an ion iron said FHI Flat Iron Reviews that can tame strands and enclose moisture. Tourmaline helps the instrument to glide smoothly to glide on the hair while taking care of creating a great shine. Titanium is built for long life. Ceramic models are a bit cheaper, but also bring great results.

Unlike ceramic coatings, Teflon plates have a water-repellent property that extends to all possible styling and hair care products. Teflon can be the optimum type of material if the hair is soft and has a fine structure. However, any such coating will serve less than others, because it has the ability to wear out quickly, especially because of the constant use of certain cosmetics. The most significant disadvantage is the invisible abrasion of the Teflon base, often invisible to the ordinary eye, which in the future is a hair hazard.

Marble flooring, despite its higher cost, is notable for its cooling effect on the hair when ironed. As for the tourmaline plates, which have an anodized coating, they have absorbed the best properties of marble and teflon. Their main value is to neutralize the electrostatics that occurs during the heating process.

The most technologically advanced and reliable at the present stage is titanium spraying or diamond, has a high strength and smoothness, which reduces friction when heated and provides the most smooth sliding. Hair becomes shiny and smooth. Appliances with coatings of this type are usually used by professional hairdressers, as the probability of hair damage is almost completely eliminated.

From the options of mounting plates to each other, the convenience of the rectifier during operation depends. The rigid fasteners, which are located in the main part of the iron when pressed on its handle, are compressed, and the floating fastenings fixed in the body with the help of elastic bands or springs allow for more dense and even contact with the hair.

Along with the materials used in the manufacture of rectifier plates, an important factor is their width. It depends directly on what results can be obtained when creating a particular hairstyle. It is important to properly select the width of the plates, taking into account the length and structure of the hair.

Keeping Your Skin Young: Four Proven Doctors Tips

1. Less sugar and simple carbohydrates

Sugar molecules in our body act on certain proteins and disrupt their functioning, says endocrinologist Natalia Gridasova. As a result, the skin loses its “building base”, which helps it recover from the harmful effects of the environment and stress. As a result, the skin becomes loose, “remembers” facial wrinkles faster, and becomes thinner.

All simple carbohydrates have a similar effect. So it’s better to eat no more than 200 grams of baking pastries, cakes and white bread per week (and not per day!).

2. Learn to sleep on your back

When you face your face in a pillow, your face tissues swell and deform. And you get up with a very bruised face and swelling under your eyes, even if you spent a very respectable evening without any frills.

The habit of sleeping all the time on the same side forms an uneven load on the muscles of the face, which also ages the skin.

But when you sleep on your back, the facial muscles are smoothed out and even fine wrinkles go away.

3. Do gentle peeling and follow the “three creams” rule

The process of death of skin cells is ongoing. But their update with age is slowing down more and more. Therefore, after 30 years of age, it is necessary to help the body to get rid of old skin cells. After all, exfoliation stimulates the metabolism in skin cells, and also restores the production of collagen, which is responsible for elasticity. Peeling with fine abrasive scrubs should be done at least once a week. But in autumn and winter, try not to go outside for at least a few hours after peeling - the cold wind can cause irritation and even inflammation of the renewed vulnerable skin.

Also now, in late autumn and winter, cosmetologists advise observing the rule of “three creams”:

  • In the morning, as soon as you wake up, apply a moisturizer to your face,

  • Before entering the air - protective. This advice would be good for men.

  • At night - nutritious.

4. Read the makeup

If until recently, dermatologists kicked dangerous parabens with their feet (substances that make up many shampoos and shower gels), new studies have proved that propylene glycol is also harmful. This compound, which can be found in many creams and lotions, accelerates the aging process of the skin.